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We are in a mission to help you surf the web without any fear of being tracked.
We are in a mission to help you understand that the medium of internet is not free anymore.

You can be tracked by anyone- big online companies, your very own government or an unethical hacker. We try to educate you about how valuable your personal data is. We seek for solutions to protect your personal data online.
There is a host of various solutions to surf the web anonymously. But as per our research VPN is the best possible way to go for anonymous surfing. Therefore we are committed to review every single noteworthy VPN service available in the market so that you don’t get lost in the huge market of various VPN services. Moreover we also take care of the fact that the same VPN which is good for a native of UK might turn out to be a horrible experience for someone living in USA. So, you can expect to read customized and to the point VPN reviews in our website. Then we have distinct categories of reviews covering device type and operating systems so that you can find out the best VPN service for your device within seconds in our site.

About our reviews

We take special care while reviewing a VPN service so that no errors creep in at all. This is very important for us so that you can bank upon us for your online security forever. We have a dedicated team of experts to test various VPN services in real life scenario. While reviewing a VPN we consider several key factors. Some of them have been mentioned below so that you can understand how detailed the process is.

Ease of use

We believe easier a VPN to set up and use better it will be for the mankind. Therefore it’s a major point of study in any of our VPN reviews.

Server speed

Next up we spend a lot of time researching about the server speed of a particular VPN service. The server to user ratio is taken into account while judging the quality of a VPN service. This is determined by dividing total number of available servers at any point of time by the total number of users using the service at that moment.

Server locations

The location of servers plays a huge role in the overall success of a VPN service. We prefer those VPN services which have servers all over the world including prime locations in every continent like Hong Kong, UK, Spain, and India etc.

IP address database

Another important point which we focus a lot is the size of the IP address database. Bigger the IP address database better will be possibility of foolproof anonymous surfing.

Price structure

Finally we compare various VPN services according to their price structure. Higher price is not directly proportional to better quality. For example, Hidemyass is a terrific VPN service but its price is pretty low compared to many other low performers in the market.

Some of the quality VPN services reviewed by us are Hidemyass, IPVanish, PureVPN, StrongVPN, Private Internet Access, VyprVPN etc.

You need to consider several points while buying a VPN service. As the VPN market is crowded with hundreds of products so it’s really necessary to follow a checklist while buying a VPN service. In this article we will discuss about various important qualities which must be present in a VPN.

Advanced encryption technologies

Encryption is a major point of consideration while choosing a good VPN service. Any quality VPN service will have two or more advanced encryption technologies in place to secure customer data and network sessions. This is a key area which signifies the potential of a VPN service.

Array of IP addresses

More the number of IP addresses better will be the quality of a VPN service. More number of IP addresses allow the customers to adopt IP addresses belonging to far off places. This prevents the government appointed snoopers from tracking your online browsing behavior and other personal data.

Huge number of servers and their global distribution

There are some quality VPN services out there which are having more than 500 servers all over the world. Those are distributed in such a way so that their customers can connect to them from any corner of the world. Moreover larger number of global servers helps a VPN service to unblock more native content.

Experienced customer support team

Customer support is an important issue one needs to think upon before buying a VPN service. VPNs are equally used by amateurs as well as pros. But both these groups of people usually have issues with the service. So, the customer support team must be experienced and trained enough to help them out.


Affordability is another key issue one needs to consider before buying a VPN service. One of the best VPN services (Hidemyass VPN for exemple)in the world is sold for only $6.55 per month if you buy the annual plan. So, don’t go for any VPN service with exorbitant prices. Higher price is not always directly proportional to better quality.

No logs

It’s better to go for a VPN service which never keeps logs. Otherwise you might get trapped in legal tangles sometimes for sharing and accessing blocked content.

How and why a VPN is really useful ?

Nowadays we all want to protect our privacy while surfing the net. We understand the risk associated with online financial transactions. That’s why we try to find out a solution to protect our online sessions. We might not know about VPN but we listen to friend’s advice or make a quick Google search to find out if there is any viable solution for our situation. For all the knowledgeable internet users along with amateurs I would like to mention that VPN is a terrific solution which can keep your identity always behind the veil. In the following paragraphs you will understand that why VPN is so important and useful these days. Keep exploring.

It protects your hard earned money

Nowadays we rely upon the internet to pay for our utility bills. We order our meals online, we order our cloths online. Even we use the internet to earn some money with the help of home based works. All these involve our hard earned money. This money can easily be stolen by miscreants if we don’t use a security measure with our internet connection. VPN is a terrific way to protect any kind of financial transactions online and thus saves our money.

It hides your identity

It’s true that torrents at times infringes upon various copyrighted materials. But most of the times useful and legal content are also shared via torrents. When laymen like you use torrents to download files then you don’t see whether the content is pirated or belongs to public domain. But there are several anti-piracy groups which keep a track of such torrent activities. You can fall into serious legal tangles for using such torrents. But when you use a quality VPN service then it hides your IP addresses. This prevents any third party from identifying you and your whereabouts.

It unblocks your favorite websites

Online entertainment is a booming industry. Everyday new and exciting websites come into fore. Most of them are not accessible outside the host country. But a VPN service can unblock webites within minutes and help you enjoy those anytime, anywhere.

VPN is the common name of Virtual Private Network. This network is privately handled and used for private usage. But while developing the network a public network is used which in this case is the internet. So, if a business says that they are using a VPN service for their remote employees then that will mean that they are using the internet to create a separate and closed network where their business data flow. Those data are always confidential in nature and can never be accessed by any unauthorized users. In general, user authentication is used to protect such data. What we discussed above can be mainly related to a business environment. But it has practical usage in personal level too. Let’s explore together.

VPN and anonymous surfing

When we connect to the internet by means of any device it gets a unique identity in the form of an IP address. This IP can divulge a lot about our identity and location etc. But when you use a VPN service it masks your IP address so that you can surf the web in an anonymous way. This protects you from all the government sponsored snoopers, online marketing companies and hackers. This is why VPN is so much popular these days and have become a must have piece of software for anyone using the internet. Anonymous web surfing is not as hard as you think !

VPN and Wi-Fi

We all like Wi-Fi. But you will be sad to learn that Wi-Fi is quite prone to hacking. But this can be secured as well with the help of a VPN service. It blocks any malicious network intrusions including your tech savvy neighbor or boss who wants to know what you are surfing.

VPN and website unblocking

Every country in the world has one or other form of internet regulation. Even popular websites like facebook, YouTube are also blocked in various countries all over the world. But all these geo-restrictions fail in front of a quality VPN service. Moreover you can unblock any website of your choice in your school or college with the help of a VPN service. Read : Unblock Youtube with a VPN.
VPNs are really easy to handle and can be operated by any amateur.

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